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Welcome to our website. Check back on occasion to get updates on our wedding!

Savvy Traveling
Traveling to Hawaii may be a new experience for some of you. By late July, you may be overcome by a combination of 90 degree weather and a whole lotta humidity. Be sure to pack clothes that will keep you cool. Don't forget the sun screen, sun glasses, flip flops (or how we say it, "rubba slippahs"), and hats. Keep a bottle of water handy to prevent dehydration.

Need to make some travel arrangements? Room? Car? Here are some contacts and websites that can help:
1. Alice Pastrana (independent travel agent in California), (C)626.824.1172, (H)626.332.4466
2. Hawaiian Airlines
3. Pleasant Holidays
4. Expedia
Please don't hesitate to call us if you're having some difficulty with the travel arrangements. We'll be here to help you if you need us. Happy Traveling!

See the Wedding on the Internet!
Can't make it to Hawaii for the wedding? You can view the ceremony on the internet at It will be available the day after the wedding. Look for the link Mr. and Mrs. Jonah Yap.

Dress Code
The dress code will be "Aloha Wear." What this translates to is "business casual." For the men, a button-up, collar shirt with short or long sleeves will do. A suit or a tie is not required. For those of you who are traditional, "Barongs" are nice, but not necessary. The reception will be outside so dress comfortably, but NO SHORTS OR SLIPPAS, PLEASE.